School starts at 9:15 and ends at 3:15!

Our Daily Schedule

  • Gather in the big yard
  • Morning Meeting with Paul/Jobs
  • Everyday Math/Cooking once a week with Kathleen
  • Snack/Big Yard
  • Explode the Code/Spanish once a week
  • Journaling
  • Independent Reading
  • Social Studies and Story with Michelle
  • Lunch/Big Yard
  • Open Classroom/Science Experiment
  • Art Workshop
  • -Art on Monday’s with Tricia
  • -Dance on Tuesday’s with Jenna
  • -Music on Wednesday’s with Katy
  • Thursday’s are fieldtrip days/ we go to Daystar Retirement Village every other Thursday

Please bring these items to leave at school (please label with student’s name):

  1. A change of clothes – layers
  2. Rain boots
  3. Rain coat
  4. A reusable water bottle for cubbie (this is a must and doesn’t include the drink in lunch box)
  5. Lunch (this will go home every night)
  6. A backpack (this will go home every night with their lunch box and any wet clothes, art, projects ect. – this is necessary on Thursdays because when we go on long field trips they will be carrying their own lunches.)

It’s our second year in this classroom (check out our first year) and wowzi does it look different. Sarah was able to buy some brand spanking new furniture (actually slightly used but we’ve always used recycled furniture, hand-me-downs, random stuff saved from the landfill that we made beautiful and bright but now we don’t have to work quite so hard although I did put in quite a few 9:00am until 12:00am in the last two weeks.)

Let’s start with circle because it’s my favorite time of the day – we are going to be so organized this year:





The Guinea Pig (Especially for Ella):

The Typewriter and Journal Making:


Our New, Old, Beautiful Sewing Machine – I have to give a plug to Sewing Machine Service Co. Inc in Renton for being around since 1942 and for being sweet, sincere and for loving old sewing machine’s so much. And thank you Lily!

The Sensory Table:

The Tadpoles, the Millipede, the Stick Bugs, the Fish – you name it, we have it:

And for the first time ever, I have my own area but everyone is welcome:

Paul wasn’t here for the work week but he came in today and we got the studio going, which is going to be Paul’s area and where he will have his Explode the Code and Everyday Math group:

We welcome you to Mystery Bay and can’t wait for all our adventures to come:


Michelle & Paul