Monday, September 11th is our first day of class.

Mystery Bay will be starting class at 9:15 sharpplease be on time because for the exception of the first day of school we will be starting with circle at 9:15 and this is where we talk about our activities for the day and we will be doing things such as the daily calendar, the number of the day (we are going to log the number of days of school and at day 100 we are going to have a celebration) and classroom job assignments.

For the fist day of school we will delay our circle time so that the students can discover the new classroom and show their families around. So much energy has gone into making this environment a place of discovery, learning and fun. After you have explored the room, we will be saying our goodbyes and starting circle with just the students this year.

Please bring these items to leave at school (please label with student’s name):

  1. A change of clothes
  2. Rain boots
  3. Rain coat
  4. A reusable water bottle
  5. Lunch (this will go home every night)
  6. A backpack (this will go home every night with their lunchbox and any wet clothes, art, projects ect.)

Here is the schedule:

  • 9:15 Morning Meeting and Classroom jobs
  • 9:45 Classroom and Studio
  • 10:45 Clean up and snack
  • 11:15 Big Yard
  • 11:45 Math Focus
  • 12:15 Journal Writing/Independent Reading
  • 12:40 Lunch
  • 1:00 Big Yard
  • 1:45 Science Project
  • 2:15 Spanish/Music/Other Extra Curricular Activities from visiting professionals
  • 3:15 Time to go Home

Enjoy the rest of your vacation and check out the photos of our new classroom below…

The classroom “livingroom”:

The block area with the Seattle mural:

The kitchen area:

Dress up:

Writing materials:

Science area:

Recycling construction area:

Math area:


Art studio:

Just outside our door – in the big yard:

Even though the areas have names and certain materials, the subjects will be integrated and emergent. You may find us doing math in the living room and science in the art studio – you never can tell. Over the next few weeks, I will be breaking down the schedule for you and expanding on what goes into each area and time – such as what exactly happens at morning meeting or at independent reading time. Everything has a purpose, an intention and a way for me to assess how everyone is doing (hopefully without the student’s even realizing it – because isn’t that really the point.)

See you Monday…