If you LOVE spiders and don’t want to see them fed to various aquatic creatures, turn back now!  Not that we don’t LOVE spiders, we totally love spiders, well except for Steve, which I secretly love because how great is it to show that the “boy” teacher in the class is afraid of spiders and the “girl” teacher in the class, could handle spiders all day long and love it.  Anyway, I digress.  Just trying to illuminate the multi-layers  of our class and how anti-bias curriculum and science can meet up. 

Today Charlie, Holden and Nessa (from Blake Island Classroom and whom I’d never met) also brought spiders in for Tuck.  Apparently she heard about feeding Tuck our classroom spiders in after school.  She was sooooo excited and during open classroom, I invited her and anyone else from her class to join us in a Tuck feeding frenzy. 

Besides feeding spiders to Tuck, we have been reading and writing about spiders, studying how they move and spin webs through observation and about different kinds of webs.  We’ve also been drawing them during our observations.  We have been printing pictures of the spiders we find and figuring out their names.  We would so love to have a PNW spider book to help us with this.  Most spider books go for the drama – tarantulas, black widows, yada yada.

So, I made a little video of  Tuck’s feeding time.  It shows all the excitement and amazement in our continuing pond adventures.  I’ve watched this video numerous time and while I was writing this, I just listened to the audio and I couldn’t help laughing out loud each time.  The conversations are hilarious.  I love my job.  I love my job.  I love my job.  I also love hearing myself multitask while trying to video tape, help feed Tuck, answer questions, wrangle spiders etc. What a great teaching tool as well. 

Ready, Set, Go…