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Abraham Lincoln

Today we read three different accounts of Lincoln’s life. When we were sitting down to cook, everyone was loud and chatty, to get their attention I started asking questions about Lincoln’s life to partially just focus and partially to see what they had remembered. It was pretty impressive. They knew the date and year he was born. Where he was born. Where his family moved to. How long he went to school. What his jobs were before he was president. Etc. That isn’t something I usually do but it was fun and I think they enjoyed giving me a little ‘what for’ with all their knowledge.

We HEART Stories from Our Mamas, Crafting Valentines for Our Families, Spring-Like Sunshine for Gardening and Abraham Lincoln

While everyone else was playing in the big yard, Sophia, who is our only first grader and I, sat at the windows (so I could watch everyone playing) and she wrote a story that her mama has told her at bedtime. We sat together and I helped her with sounds, letters, words, sentences and punctuation. She mostly did everything herself, I was more of a safety net for her and someone to encourage her as she worked out her story. I gave her a lined journal to start her adventure in writing. A few others wanted lined journals as well and we spent journal time deciphering words and ideas.

We also got a fun red, white and pink packet of goodies from Sarah this morning. We had a great time making hearts, glueing, painting and being goofy (what did you have for breakfast this morning Brigit – silly goose mouse?)

Oh the sun and the weeds and the beautiful little buds poking up through the soil. We toiled and uncovered and offered our garden to the sun and the rain.

We also made a habitat for all the crawly creatures (spiders, worms, catapillars) we came across today.

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln, we loved learning about you today. We read this book today and talked about our 16th president and our country then and now:

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