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Baby Owl Cam

We’ve been watching this amazing Live Owl Nest Box Cam off and on at school.  Getting great peaks of the new baby and the eggs getting ready to hatch.  I hope we’re lucky enough to check in when the next one hatches. 

The kids are just wild for it!

Our Little Geologist

Alex has become our go-to guy for all things rocks, gems and minerals.  He shares his knowledge with our class once a week and is starting to branch out and teach lessons to the preschool classes on a weekly basis as well.  He is a great teacher; patient, kind, involved, pulling kids in who stray, using manipulatives, examples and sharing interesting facts and texts.  Amalie always says, “this is so neat” (as well as many other students) and she often hunts him down to ask him questions about found geological treasures from the big yard. 

Thank you Alex for all your knowledge and teaching ability.  You are a great inspiration to us all.

Mater Matrix Mother & Medium: a river of fiber woven into Seattle’s urban forest

We have been studying water; where it comes from, where it goes, how we use it, how we treat it and what we need to do in the future to preserve it.  Just as we were finishing up with this project, we learned about Mandy Greer’s river of fiber project.


Trisha and I decided that we needed to invite Mandy to school, so that we could have a hands on part in her art piece.  So, we invited her and she came!  We spent a day in the studio learning to crochet with her.  We were able to add to her piece along with many other groups from our greater Seattle community.



In the end, a 200-foot-long fiber river was created.  The project celebrates the splendor of Seattle’s urban creeks and encourages stewardship of essential watersheds.  The project is exhibited at Camp Long where we were able to spend the day taking in the beauty of the fiber creation.



We also made some of our own work and left a bit of ourselves in and around Camp Long.



“When a group of people come together, using their hands in an intuitive process, a flow of ideas happens, unpreditable but always dynamic.  I want to make a spce for dialogue, allowing people to tap into their emtional memories of water and their desires and frustrations concerning our relationship to the environment.  Our hands will be knotting together ideas as we ask ourselves ‘what has happened to our sense of the sacred quality of water.'”      —Mandy Greer


Introducing Our New Scale

Feeding the Frog

Yes, that would be a grub in Charlie’s hand.

Wait for it, wait for it.

Our frog is so fast but here it is cramming that grub into it’s mouth – can you hear the gasps and awe’s emanating from the classroom?  Totally cool.

Eggs and Other Specimens

We have gotten some wonderful new books for our classroom.  When I got these, I immediately thought of our egg specimens.  So during circle, we read these and passed the eggs as well as a few other treasures.

Quail, Partridge, Pheasant, Mallard Duck, Turkey, Emu, Ostrich.


We typically go on field trips on Thursdays but since this was our first Thursday back from break and the kids were dying to uncover all the new activities in the classroom and because Jackson has been so sick and we didn’t want to take him out in the weather, we decided to have SPACE DAY at school.

There has been some interest in the solar system as of late, so during the break Paul and I put the solar system up in the studio. I then bought a bunch of Styrofoam balls to make dioramas while I was tooling around in a sewing shop in Walla Walla. I thought hey, we could just name Thursday “SPACE DAY” and have our own field trip and it truly seemed like we left not only the classroom but the planet.

All week there was so much excited talk about SPACE DAY. I just love kids and their ability to just transform any ol’ day into something magical with a bit of imagination and the right materials…

We set the mood with some music – The Planets by Holst as well as the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey:

I brought in my interactive solar system, which has the coolest British accent:

We had so many neat books, solar system models and a beautiful night sky box set.

We had our giant sensory table filled with sand, astronauts, space ships and materials to build a space station:

“It’s Columbia ready for take off. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLASTOFF! PSHOOUOUO! It’s a go. We have a mission. PSHOOUOUO!” -Joey

We also made space ships with four different molds and painted them:

We painted some nebula:

We also painted glass balls like the planets:

We made replicas of Leonardo de Vinci’s parachute (we did this project last year as well):

Some even stopped for an hour or so to write in their journals – story is such a driving force:

Moon mud was definitely in order and all over EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE:

Our diaramas:

To mars and back again we traveled – all in one day at Mystery Bay…

Cooking with Kathleen – The Movie

Pizza Dough – Working with yeast

During Cooking with Kathleen, Paul, Kathleen (our mama chef) and I each have a table of kids to help. I made this movie while helping my group – so my group is mostly featured. I made a movie of Autumn last week and I showed the kids on the office computer. They were so excited and I told them I would make a movie of them as well. I’ll try to spread the love around and get some other faces, other voices in next time. I try.

Here is the link to last years pizza dough making adventure along with a pizza dough recipe.

Day Three

Yummy plums for breakfast from Anya, Isaac and their family:

A birds nest from Flynn and her family, which led us to the study of my Ostrich, Emu and various other egg collection:

We started our Everyday Mathematics today.  It is an alternative, manipulative based math program.  They LOVED it!

And music with Katy:

This year is so much different then last year and it’s taking some time for me to settle in.  It is much more age diverse than last year and much larger.  While I miss the small intimate feeling that our tiny group brought last year, this classroom of varied ages and ideas has an even more vibrant and full feeling.  I am missing our sofa circle-time and the beginning always seems like your just moving through the day to set the pace but I can feel us beginning to gel and we are all beginning to ease into the schedule and routine.  It takes time and we have plenty of that to work with.  So here we go…


We won’t be taking a field trip tomorrow but we will be going to Daystar Retirement Village next Thursday morning and then on to Castle Park.  We will return in time for lunch.  Parents are always welcome to join us.


Sarah has some blood drawn and we all got to watch.

Sarah looking a little dizzy and she hasn’t even started yet 

We all got to feel her pulsing vein 

Here comes the blood 

Totally cool! 

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