When Kathleen asked me how I thought today’s field trip to the Maritime Museum went, I said; “Great, it was so fun and everyone really has the hang of riding the bus and being in traffic.” Then without really realizing it until I said it aloud, I said; “It’s really all about the journey for me, not so much the destination.”

I realized how so true this is and how it’s probably like this for the kids as well. As much as they loved the Maritime Museum and all our other field trips, it’s really all about the partnering off, the walk to the bus, the event of the bus ride itself, the walk to the destination, leaving our comfort zones, meeting new people, seeing new sites, hearing other peoples conversations, eating snack and or lunch in a new space and then the return. It’s our own little Odyssey happening every Thursday.

On this trip we witnessed an argument between to senior women on the bus about whether we were too loud or not. One having the opinion that the kids should be told to be quiet and the other having the opinion that “They’re just kids having a good time.” I wanted to scream, YES! But I kept my mouth mostly shut and just encouraged the use of our regular voices. I guess we’re just too excited for everyone around these parts!

The Maritime Museum was a blast though. We played in the water table, making dams, floods, sending boats down stream to topple. The wooden fishing boat was also a big hit, especially for Jackson “Titanic” Espeut who has visited the museum many times before. It was Pirate themed and we made pirate gear crafts (hat, eye patch, hook.) We went on a treasure hunt and heard a pirate story.

Also, we had some special guests. Of course, my superhero, Kathleen (Brigit’s mom) was with me as she is on all field trips but we also had the pleasure of Krista (Asher’s mom) and as special guests; Logan, Max and Dana joined us from Edmonds. For those who don’t know, Logan was in my class for about two and a half years before moving up north to start kindergarten. We all miss him so much and we were so, so glad to see him.

I just love ’em to pieces…