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“Michelle, Will You Take A Picture of My Snake for the Blog?”

Asher said this just after Jackson told me a story and then said, “You’re not going to put that on the blog are you.”

Your wishes are my commands dear sirs.

Random moments on an ordinary Tuesday in an extraordinary class…

They were all so proud of this marble maze that they asked me to take the picture and made me show them to make sure it was a good one:

Look at this sentence – it has punctuation. Aha – they are understanding sentence structure.

A journey through Harriette’s journal:

How clever is Zavier with the magnets:

Sophia creates a vase card:

Banana smelling “moon mud”:

A literary lineup:

We also tried two runs at our story we turned into a play from “Frog and Toad”; “The Lost Button.” They were nervous, shy and quiet and we didn’t even have an audience – we may just be a class of intellectuals and not actors (but I’m all for that.)

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