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Peru Grandma

Isabel’s grandma, who bought a trip to the Galapagos Islands to help buy our school, now has the traveling bug. During her trip she went to Peru and this past week, she came in to share her adventure.

She played the flute for us. Showed us some weaving. We got to ask questions and feel like we traveled a bit too.

Next, she’s off to Iran. We can’t wait to get her letters and hear all of her new stories.

Be safe and thank you so much for including us in your travels.

Abraham Lincoln

Today we read three different accounts of Lincoln’s life. When we were sitting down to cook, everyone was loud and chatty, to get their attention I started asking questions about Lincoln’s life to partially just focus and partially to see what they had remembered. It was pretty impressive. They knew the date and year he was born. Where he was born. Where his family moved to. How long he went to school. What his jobs were before he was president. Etc. That isn’t something I usually do but it was fun and I think they enjoyed giving me a little ‘what for’ with all their knowledge.

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