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The Fire Station

Last windy Thursday we hopped a bus to Fire Station No. 32.

We were so excited. Only Jacob knew what the “watch office” was called where the calls come in.

We learned the difference between a fire engine (with water.)

And a fire truck with the ladder.

We learned about wearing air when fighting fires.

Jorge was VERY popular – everyone wanted to take a ride down the pole.

Isabel puts out a fire.

Justin licks it.

Jackson tells his harrowing story of transferring from Swedish to Children’s via ambulance.

A perfect day. So totally fun. Thank you Jeff, Kathleen and especially Krista for helping us out.

Fire Fighters

We had a fire fighter visit today.  He talked about fire safety and having a plan at school (which we do) and at home too!  He talked about his job and his GEAR!!!  And then we tried it all on!

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