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The Evolution Of Emergent Curriculum Part III.

After learning about the different layers of the earth, we naturally had to study volcanoes, including our own dormant Mt. Rainier.

We made a volcano and blew it up.  Adding a little chemistry to our study.

Then the kids wanted to build a volcano out of blocks. Anything can be built with blocks if you didn’t already know.

Nora, the painter, painted volcanoes.

Then we talked about Mt. Rainier.  And then drew, learned and labelled all the parts of a volcano.

Up next:  Natural phenomena takes over…


Charlie Tells Us About the Layers of the Earth

The Evolution of Emergent Curriculum Part II.

Part II.

Cities, the Earth’s Plates and the Layers of the Earth:

Immediately after our discussion about the earthquake and tsunami, the kids were interested in how buildings hold up to waves and the moving plates.  They began to build.  Tim and Jake were so focused and created an amazing set of famous buildings and structures.

We then began talking about the plates under the earths surface and all the layers of the earth.

We read about it:

We wrote, memorized the layers and thought about how amazing it is that all of this is under our earth:

We used sea glass to recreate the layers of the earth:

We then created this with oil pastels:

Then we used clay to create all the different layers in a round ball and then cut it in half:

From here we began another study in how the earth works with all of it’s different levels.

Part III. coming soon…

The Evolution of Emergent Curriculum Part I.

Every year this amazing thing happens. Something happens, someone brings something in, we happen upon something out in the world and poof, our curriculum appears before us and demands to be heard. Sometimes this topic lasts a few weeks or a few months or sometimes it sprouts other subjects and becomes this web of learning full of excitement and drive.

This year it all started with the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. The kids came in full of information on what had happened, so we had to talk about it. First they were worried about Mayuko, who was our Japanese and origami teacher last year. We talked about what we could do and decided to make origami to sell and to send the money to Mercy Corps.  They are now using our pictures as part of their outreach program for kids. From there we had a school wide Bake Sale for the Red Cross.  In all we made around $2000.  Pretty amazing.

Below is a web we have put together that shows just how intricate and amazing project approach, emergent curriculum and how truly listening to your students can take you oh, so many places.

I really didn’t want to keep focused on the Earthquake and Tsunami for the moment but the kids were so interested in how earthquakes happen and off we went to figure it out.

Part II. to come soon…

& on another note, wordpress just notified me that this was my 525th post. Whoa!

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