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A Little Piece of “Heaven”

As I was finishing video taping a moment of our day during “open classroom”, Lily’s mom walked in with our new girl Zebra Finch for our lonely boy Finch since his long time partner, Frya died this past year. She looked at me and said, “this is just a little piece of heaven”.

Yep. I confess. We often achieve utopia.

And of course her name is Lily.

Mr. Henry the Finch thanks you very much. They began snuggling right away and finally happy chirps filled the room.

The Scientific Method of Observation

Yesterday morning I came into school to find this sweet, little dead baby bird on my desk.  Our wonderful Sarah, who knows me so well, left it for me after finding it in our side yard.  I love it when we can turn some sadness into discovery and learning. But we did talk about how sad it is to have such a young life be gone so quickly.  Then we dove into the Scientific Method of Observation.

First, we observed the bird to see if we could identify it.  We got a bird book out and looked at what backyard baby birds might look like since that is what we thought it was due to the birds that are usually in our yard, the size of the baby and where it was found.  We found a detailed description and photos of the progression of the first few days of a baby birds life.  We decided that it was probably on one day old. 

We then made some detailed observations that we wrote down.  After observing closely, we began to wonder what happened to the baby bird.  After some discussion, most of the kids decided that the bird must have fallen from it’s nest.  After hypothesizing, we began to collect data.  We asked Sarah exactly where she found the bird and then we went to look.  We saw the place in the adjouning house eves where many birds are nesting and decided that the bird was found too far away to just have fallen out of the nest. 

We thought about how else the bird could have gotten out of the nest.  We decided that it was possible that either one of the parents of the bird or another bird could have gotten the bird from the nest and carried it and dropped it.  We also wondered if the bird died before it left the nest or after.

While we were observing, we did some drawing.  They are sweet and detailed.  We thank you baby bird for helping us learn but we would have rather you lived longer.

No Baby Zebra Finches This Time…

But they are nesting again.

And the eggs are just beautiful.  Inside and out.

We Have EGGS!

From our beautiful Zebra Finches. This however doesn’t mean we will have baby birds but we are sure hopeful.

And if the history of our classroom holds true, we will.


Two New Additions to Our Classroom…

Male and female Zebra Finches.

To add to our:

Two Guinea Pigs

Multitude of Stick Bugs

Tuck the Turtle

Frank the giant gold fish that is going to live forever

And a swarm of all different ages of guppies


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