We have been having great fun braving the weather and the frequent occurrence of buses breaking down. Pacific Publishing was interesting, fun and the tour guide was spot on with this age group. We learned about how papers are made from ideas to collating. The printing part was action packed and we feel privileged to get to see real printing in action. “Best Field Trip EVER” was heard throughout the day, although I think this was just due to going into the bus tunnel).

Photos of our trip to The Printer

I love showing the kids things that aren’t digitized (although we have talked about online “papers” as well). I’m such a Luddite sometimes. Speaking of…we would love some more type writers and ribbons – this process of typing straight onto the paper is fascinating to the kids and they will stand in line to try a turn at the type writer for a seriously long time.

Our trip to the Central Library was also a blast. We waiting out the weather, zipped down on the bus, it stormed while we were inside taking our tour and reading books and then the sun came out for us on the bus ride back.

Photos of our trip to the Library

We have been making representational drawings of the places we have visited. We have also been talking about the architects and their ideas for building. This has been a great exercise for memory, collaboration, artistic expression, revisiting, reworking and is also just enjoyable time to work together.

Math has taken a game focus as of late. Monopoly obsession is an understatement. Last week we were missing quite a few families, so our days looked a bit different. Some kids played Monopoly for six hours! Amazing! We have Catopoly and Earthopoly, so there was reading, math, science, strategy, cooperation and negotiation. Games are a great way to incorporate subjects that the kids don’t even realize they are working on.

We have started a Book Club. In the Big Yard, Adah, Hannah and Izzy were talking about the books they are reading right now and I happen to mention something about a Book Club and of course, they were off. While they were outside, I organized our books that we have multiple copies of into piles. When the class came in, I didn’t even say anything and they started getting books together, finding groups and reading in their groups. It’s so nice when we are a few months into the school year, we have hit our stride and the kids know how the culture of the classroom works and they just go to town. Ahhh.

This has been a great year so far and we just love the kids, their ideas, their passion and we are so proud of all of their accomplishments and growth.

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”
— John Cotton Dana