We have been busy writing, editing, illustrating, studying, investigating and assembling our newspaper. Wow, it is a ton of work. There has been so much baseball talk that we are trying to get our paper out before the end of the World Series. We are also wrapping up our Greek Mythology Project with it being our leading story. Don’t be disappointed if our news is a bit behind the recent headlines.

It’s been fun to introduce new vocabulary. Today someone used the phrase “above the fold” in a conversation and I was so proud. We’ve been talking about news stands and how papers are made. Tomorrow we are planning on going to Barnes and Noble to see their Newspaper/Magazine “stand”. We are missing the traditional newspaper stands but we all realize the way our news has become digitized. Tricky business being a person who read the paper before this Internet thing exploded.

On the political front. We seem to be a class of liberals, go figure! There has been much talk in the classroom and the kids are as informed as 5-8 year-old can be regarding the issues at hand. It’s been fun to hear them discuss what they know and talk to each other and try to get me to express my opinions. I’ve tried to play neutral but they are either too smart or I am terrible at being neutral. It’s been interesting to say the least.