This year we are starting with Greek Mythology, which was jump started with an interest in Latin and Greek. We have started with the beginning and the awakening of mother earth. We are making our own mythology books and the 1st and 2nd graders are being asked to do more work, more writing, more math, so you may be hearing about that at home.

Everyone is hungry to learn and explore. Everyone is transfixed by the mythology we are reading; asking questions, talking about what we’ve read, putting all the different parts together to make a whole picture of what it’s all about. We’ve also integrated Roman Numerals for the older group and Jen has gotten excited about pairing our numbers with the Roman Numerals. The kids were super-excited about it. We are also choosing different heroes and making masks in the studio to represent that hero. I think it’s also interesting to talk about what our current myths are, especially since they are represented on so many kid’s t-shirts.

We are going to continue with this project as the interest and passion continues. So far, we are off and running at Zeus Thunderbolt Speed!

This week Cameron had the camera most of the time. I love seeing her first days through her perspective. I’m sure it’s similar to many of the other kids in the class. So cool!

Click here for Cam’s Slideshow.