One morning this past week, we sat down together and decided to write down as much as we could about what we have learned about the American Revolution. I taped up two giant pieces of paper and grabbed a sharpie and off they went. I could barely keep up. When we stopped, they weren’t even done and we decided to come back to it and add more. But for now, we present the amazing memories and exciting facts of the American Revolution.

Things we have learned so far about the American Revolution:
• The Revolutionary War was a big fight between the Americans and the British. -Izzy
• Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence, signed it and played the fiddle. -Jake
• Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, 1779. -Adah
• Crispus Attucks was an African American; “the first to defy…the first to die.” (the first to get killed). -Lucas
• Nathan Hale was an American spy and died when he was 21. He was hung by the British. -Tim
• In 1775 the Revolutionary War started with the Boston Tea Party because they didn’t want to pay extra taxes. -Holden
• Patrick Henry’s most famous speech included “give me liberty or give me death,” which was the password for when Washington and the troops crossed the Delaware. -Jake
• The Liberty Bell was for celebrating America’s independence. -Lucas
• The Revolutionary War was way more complicated than two sides shooting and killing each other. -Jake
• Paul Revere yelled out “the British are coming” but didn’t make it to Concord because he was captured. -Holden
• The British had a king and his name was Gorge III and he lost and went crazy and was chained to a chair. -Izzy
• General George Washington was the leader of the Americans. -Lucas
• Molly Pitcher (Mary Hays) gave the men water during battle. When her husband was wounded, so she took his place. They retreated except for Molly Pitcher. She was still there shooting the cannon when a cannonball came right at her, through her legs and only carried away her skirt. -Tim
• Lydia Darragh was a spy and carried an empty flour bag and told the soldiers she was getting flour but went to the camp to tell the Americans that the British were going to plan a surprise attack. -Izzy
• Deborah Sampson dressed up as a boy to fight in the war when she got shot in her leg, she dug it out with her own penknife so they would know she was a girl. She got sick and they discovered she was a girl and sent back with honors. She was 67 when she died. -Holden
• Their guns took a lot of work using gunpowder and took a long time to load. -Coho
• A lot of people died but they didn’t know which side shot first. -Atti
• John Paul Jones did not surrender and said, “I have not yet begun to fight!” -Jake

To be continued…

Also, don’t miss the viewing of our film “The American Revolution” Thursday, August 23rd at 2:00pm.