We had such a blast swimming these past four Thursdays. I have to admit, I was a little cautious going into it but it was just pure fun. Sometimes doing something totally different with your kids helps you to see another part of them and they see another part of you and it opens you up in a different way to each other. Terry, Jaala, Jen and I (and parents-thank you) held, flipped, spun, flung, caught, raced, played ball and just enjoyed our time together. Thank you so much Sarah and Michelle (our board chair) for helping to make this happen.

It was also pretty amazing that all of these flags were in the top of the pool + the Olympics during our Revolution/Flag study. Always a Mystery in Mystery Bay.

I’m sorry we didn’t get photos of everyone. It was hard to take pictures with so much water and so many swiftly moving bodies (and of course a ton were super blurry from all the locomotion).