The “Educational Value” of a project is often not seen right away. While it may seem like we are “focusing on something like The Revolution”, what we are really doing is writing, reading, mathematics, history, geography etc, but instead of in a dry, boring “because you should and need to know these things” way, we present it through a project that fuels their passion. They aren’t thinking about writing, reading, math, history, geography etc, they are thinking that these subjects are needed to be able to find out the information they need to discover and uncover the mysteries in life that are compelling, intriguing and make them burn to have the knowledge to find out more! I would never approach the kids with “The Revolution” as a topic but it’s been an amazing couple of weeks, watching it all unfold and the excitement build. Set up is an important part of the activities we do, because when something is laid out in an aesthetically pleasing and inviting way, the appeal is irresistible thus more learning and discovery happens.

Another day in the life…
9am – 12am:
Outside playing Football/Large Blocks (PE/Negotiation)
Animal check-in (Responsibility/Animal care)
Learning about other countries flags (History/Current Events/Geography/Art)
Flag Making – Colonial/French/British/German (Art/History/Geography)
Watched the changing of the guard in numerous countries (History)
Cursive Writing – this is a third grade curriculum (Handwriting/Community)
Making Revolutionary cards for the Revolutionary game created by Jake and Royal and amazingly enough they have stuck to historical figures/Flags but not weaponry or battles (math, history, art, strategy/Negotiation)
Grazing in the garden (Health/Nature/Science)
Independent Reading with numerous Revolutionary Books and LEGO Magazines (Literacy/History)
Snack/Lunch (Negotiation/Community/Problem Solving Skills)

12pm – 3pm
Making (Spirit Eyes) out of yarn (Memory/Dexterity/Art/Community)
Read the Pledge of Allegiance, what it means and if it’s true or not to us individually and as a nation (Literacy/History/Philosophy)
Listened to numerous national songs from numerous countries (Music/History/Geography)
Sang “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie (Music/History)
Read the Pledge of Allegiance, discussed what it means and if it’s true or not to us individually and as a nation (Literacy/History/Philosophy)
Read The Pledge to the Earth (History/Literacy)
Returned to Cursive Books (Penmanship/Literacy/Camaraderie)
Playing the Revolutionary Game again (Literacy/Math/History/Art/Negotiation)
K’Nex (Science/Manipulatives/Dexterity/Cooperation)
Digging (PE/Negotiation)
Jobs (Responsibility/Community)
Chickens/Egg Collecting (Animal care)
“Kitty Mathatree” (Teaching Stuffed Cats to do math) (Mathematics/Imaginative Play/Negotiation/Community)
Catopoly (Math/Strategy/Negotiation/Literacy)
A small aside about how this Revolutionary mania came to be. Once we read “Revolutionary Heroes” and then a week or so later Holden said, “Terry, you look like those guys from that book with the white hair.” Out came the book again and they were off! A bunch of them wrote a list of all the people in the book, took their names and their dates of birth/death, got out the calculator and began recording how long they lived. (History/Literacy/Math) This made us all excited!  And we were off! Thank you Coho and family for the AWESOME loan of the Colonial Flag!

Over & Out!