In an attempt to be more visible I am going to try to document what a day looks like. I’ve broken it down so that you can see how we weave our curriculum together. I will do it as often as possible. Not everyone always does the same things at once, which is the beauty of our philosophy, and allows for more extensive 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 or small group work. By the time I leave school, make dinner, do bedtime, I can’t remember all the little nuances of the day, so today I left the computer open and tried my hardest to type up what we were working on throughout the day. Sometimes it’s hard because we are IN IT, full attention, full throttle. Free time is a scarce commodity during our day. The way the kids move in and out of the projects we are working on is flawless. Of course we know how to guide, persuade, invite, display, present materials in a way that makes it exciting and keeps their interest and their work going.
A day in the life…

9am – 12am:
Outside playing Baseball/Racing (PE/Negotiation)
Animal check-in (Responsibility/Animal care)
Read “The Spider and the Fly (Literacy)
1st grade group is hopped up on cursive writing – this is a third grade curriculum (Handwriting/Community)
Creating noisy cat suits and fairy wings (Art/Imaginative play – in the studio)
Making Revolutionary cards for the Revolutionary game created by Jake and Royal and amazingly enough they have stuck to historical figures/Flags but not weaponry or battles (math, history, art, strategy/Negotiation)
Grazing in the garden (Health/Nature/Science)
Independent Reading with numerous Revolutionary Books and the LEGO Book (Literacy/History)
Snack/Lunch (Negotiation/Community/Problem Solving Skills)

12pm – 3pm
Map Bingo (you have to guess the states by facts about the state) (Geography/Literacy/Math/Cooperation)
Counting quarters (Math/Money)
Making (Spirit Eyes) out of yarn (Memory/Dexterity/Art/Community)
Everyday Math (Mathematics -Money/Time/Place Value/Addition/Subtraction/etc.)
Read “Revolutionary Heroes” (History/Literacy)
Independent Project Work in the studio (Art/Sitting quietly for 30 minutes and developing ideas)
Returned to Cursive Books (Penmanship/Literacy/Camaraderie)
Playing the Revolutionary Game (Literacy/Math/History/Art/Negotiation)
Wild Animal Sounds Bingo (Identification/Listening/Literacy)
K’Nex (Science/Manipulatives/Dexterity)
Digging (PE/Negotiation)
Face Painting (Imaginary Play/Art)
Jobs (Responsibility/Community)
Chickens/Egg Collecting (Animal care)
“Kitty Mathatree” (Teaching Stuffed Cats to do math) (Mathematics/Imaginative Play/Negotiation/Community)

Over and Out!