Our seed to tree project began with the start of the school year, jumping off of Nora’s independent seed project and play at the end of last year.  We noticed that our garden was turning to seed and we wanted to save seeds to plant in the spring. This turned into a seed collection, investigation, detective work, identification, cutting, slicing, hammering, drawing, analyzing, categorizing, painting, naming and how exactly do seeds disperse and create more plants and TREES.

Trees became our next focus and in learning the different kinds and types of trees, we began to identify ourselves with the different trees. Some are disiduous, some conifereous, some tall, some strange and on.  We will all forever remember who is which tree.  Personalization is such an important part of learning and grasping concepts.

We traveled to parks and around the neighborhood and learned the tree and plant cycles.  It was a beautiful, hands-on, exciting beginning to the year.  As we began to become tree whisperers, we talked about creating fairy lands within our branches.  We watched and noticed the way trees move, bend and invite animals and possibly fairies into their many nooks and crevices.  Habitats became a topic and a great interest to the kids.  What lives where and why.  What kind of animals live in trees.

With our very large collection of limbs, branches, seeds, leaves, pods, moss, pine cones, and knowledge, we began to construct fairy houses while we were also building a replica of our personalized trees in the studio.  It turned out to be an amazing fairyland with the addition of pumpkins as houses (awesomely donated by Tony’s).

As we were talking about fairies, and what fairies do and how they live, the kids thought they would have fireflies and snails as pets and while we don’t have fireflies, we sure have a ton of snails.  Now we have more snails (and snail eggs) than people in our classroom, which led our terrariums to became snail habitats filled with our collections of moss, dirt and stems.

Now we are in full project snail mode.  So, let’s go…