One day I asked the kids which tree they felt represented them and they all seem so fitting. No one repeated. I also asked the staff and no one repeated in the staff either. My very favorite: Sarah: A Nurse Log. Now, everywhere we go, the kids are calling out, “hey, look, it’s your tree!” to each other. They are identifying them and connecting them to each other. So cool!

Holden: Cannonball

Royal: Cactus

Jake: Pine

Tim: Ginkgo

Bryn: Tree Fern

Chase: Douglas Fir

Lucas: Palm

Izzy: Cottonwood

Nora: Cherry Blossom

Adah: Monkey Puzzle

Catalina: Umbrella Thorn

Hannah: Redwood

Lily: Sequoia

Salvador: Japanese Maple

Ellis: Bunya Bunya

Atti: Mahogany

Owen: Dragon

Carter: Boojum