I can’t always tell what the kids are playing in the yard. And it is so easy to make assumptions.

When I first saw Jake with the markers taped to his hands, my first thought was they were for something that shoot. Not that Jake would usually do that but it just looked like that type of play. But when I asked what they were, I learned that they were headlights and that he was a Taxi and that the other kids had made signs that said GO and STOP and were apparently moving stop lights.

I would never have guessed that is what they were playing but after telling me the things on their heads were the top of the Taxi and the signs were stop lights, I totally got it. A nice reminder for me to always make sure I ask first before assuming.

I can see how fun and powerful and energetic they feel. They are experimenting at writing, communication, large motor skills, boundary testing with a ton of imagination mixed in.

They are listening to each other, bumping into one another, moving in a somewhat small space, quite fast and maneuvering it like pros and full of joy. I know that it doesn’t always look like this and I caught a moment that was working perfectly for them.

Sometimes I just have to remind myself that they are just like a litter of puppies learning how to move and get attention and tumble about testing out their paws and large muscles and that it’s all perfectly normal even when it doesn’t turn out perfectly each and every time.