Every morning we have morning meeting.  We have an agenda hanging on the wall that everyone can contribute to.  We always have sharing on the agenda along with questions or issues that kids are having.  On this day, Holden had a question.

Holden: “When will we all die?”

Jake: “When the sun gets too close to the earth or if the sun goes out.”

Adah: “If we didn’t have food.”

Izzy: “We could thirst to death.”

Holden: “If we die our spirits could go into other bodies so we’ll still need the sun.”

Michelle: “When was the sun made?”

Catalina: “Before dinosaurs.”

Atti: “There were monsters before dinosaurs.”

Jake: “Maybe a couple thousand years ago?

Hannah: “The sun was made 100 thousand years ago.”

Lucas: “My project was on the planets and I think it was five billion years ago.  I know this.”

Holden: “When were there witches, ghosts and monsters?

Jake: “They are made up. Mummies are real. They aren’t monsters.  They are kings wrapped in bandages and put in cases.”

Holden: “Can we take a field trip to Egypt.”

A typical Mystery Bay morning conversation…