North Shorewood Park a.k.a. “Path Park” is a park we often haunt.  It is beautiful, full of dense greenery and trees with paths that intertwine. It also holds the notorious Monster, Ghost, Coyote, depending on whom you talk to. This legend has been passed down from class to class. How cool is it that we’ve been around long enough to have historical folklore?

I try to let the “monster” idea live on while still assuring the kids who are scared that everything is okay and that it’s imaginary. I had no idea that this day would be a date with Adah due to her fear of the ghost path. And while kids weave in and out of the paths, play ball at the hoop, form a circle of their very own to chat (another story of its own), or climb trees, today Adah was on me like sap on hands. I had no idea what a wonderfully full day of detective work was ahead.


Thank you Adah for showing me today that it is important to touch pine needles and push the weeds and leaves away from a baby tree’s roots and that “nature is lovely” and “it’s something we don’t get to see when we’re inside.” I so agree, Adah.