A conversation following the reading of the book The Tree by Dana Lyons and David Danioth.

Adah: It’s not good to cut down trees because they give us oxygen.”

Jake: They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.”

Holden:  “But we need to cut them down or we wouldn’t have any paper.”

Atti:  “Trees are good dead too because they become homes for animals like squirrels and racoons.”

Michelle:  “Does anyone know what a dead tree on the ground is called?”

Hannah:  “A nurse log.”

Atti:  “I meant a standing dead tree.”

Izzy:  “I saw a nurse log when I was camping.  It was torn apart by a lost baby bear.”

Jake:  “Every time they cut down a tree they plant a new one.”

Michelle:  “If you cut down a 100 year-old tree, now long will it take to grow back?”

Jake:  “100 years.  That’s a long time.”