I have this long list of blog posts that I just can’t seem to get posted. It must be because of the epic introduction letter I sent out to parents this week. And the zillion hours Terry and I put in on the classroom.

The Evolution of Emergent Curriculum will have to continue into this coming year as well as some promised video (sorry Jake and Nora). So much happened the last couple of months of school that I was swamped with the pure awesomeness that is Mystery Bay and the posting took a back seat, although I did of course still document every second of it.

So for now, I just need to post the letter to my grads because I love them and miss them already. And I hope they are all loving their new adventures. And make sure you check back because I will be continuing to post about our amazing trip this past year. As well as documenting new adventures. Could someone please make me a time machine already!

To the graduates of the Mystery Bay Classroom 2011:

August 25, 2011

Oh my dears,

This day is never an easy one, especially if you’ve come to the final day after so many years within our walls. This year has been a truly amazing year of cooperation, understanding, forgiveness, love, caring, compassion, mending, building, crashing, re-building and hard work. What a group you guys have been. So driven by your passions to understand the workings of our earth and literally shouting facts to each other. Not every day has been a rainbow and sometimes we had some tornadoes but there was certainly an enormous amount of magic that occurred in our days together.

How to say goodbye, especially to our long-timers. How about, see you soon? Alex: your smile and cuddles will forever be ingrained in my mind and arms. Archer: you are an amazing young person and I have loved to see all of your confidence emerge through writing and I know you will go out and do good, girl. Maya: It’s been so great to get to know you more and see you so happy. Maddox: Because of you, I have a magic headache potion that sits on my shelf and always reminds me of your kindness. Charlie: What can I say Mr. Man. You can now look forward to hugs and kisses whenever you come to board meetings with your mom. I so love your exuberance and sensitivity. It’s contagious. Adah, Chase, Holden, Izzy, Jake, Lucas, Nora and Tim, see you in a couple of weeks for more learning and fun.

So, here’s to numbers and letters and words and sentences and stories and books and tornadoes and clouds and planets and the earth’s inner core…a truly phenomenal year. My very favorite so far. My growth as a teacher this year is because of all of you.

With love always and always and forever,