Our entire class + Jaala, the studio teacher + Jen, the handwriting teacher, and I have decided, from Chase’s idea, to go on a nature walk, collected sticks and rocks and petals.

We then begin to look at the pieces and what types of letters we see in them. Then we construct the alphabet from our finds.

Jaala has laid out the materials and given us instructions for the project.

Apparently Jaala said: “It’s really important that you don’t touch the tips of the hot glue guns because it could burn you.”

I pick up a hot glue gun to help the kids and instinctively touch the tip to see if it’s hot enough.

Jake: “Michelle, you’re breaking the rules.”

Me: “I am?”

The room goes silent.  Sixteen ears at attention.

Jake (with a smile on his face): “Jaala just said not to touch the tip of the hot glue gun or it will burn you.”

I continue to glue and tell Jake: “Well, I guess I’m a rebel.”

Jake: “What’s a rebel?”

Me: (in perfect teacher pitch): “What do you think a rebel is?”

Jake: “A good guy?”

Me: “Starwars much? Well, sort of, rebel’s break the rules sometimes for good reasons. What do you think would happen if we didn’t have any rebels?”

Jake: “No one would break the rules?”

Me: “What if no one broke the rules?

Jake: “Everything would stay the same?”

Me: “Would that be very interesting?”

Jaala: “What would our world be like?”

Jake: “Boring?”

We become silent.

I reach across the table with my glue gun to help someone who’s  mostly out of my reach.

Jake: “Oh, Michelle, you’re such a rebel!”


You can also read about this project on Jaala’s blog here.

and just for fun: Autumn, four years ago with our, since departed, dog, Rosa.  (I guess it runs in the family.)