Last year, Mayuko taught at our school.  She taught our class Origami and Japanese.  Then she had to go home to Japan.  And we miss her.  We’ve been talking to her since the Earthquake and while she is fine, her country desperatly needs help and she suggested we donate money.  Our class decided we could send more money if we had a fundraiser and made Origami birds (Cranes and Swans) for hope.  Everyone is welcome to donate and recieve one of our strands of birds. . (Info below.)

If you would like to donate, send your check (addressed to Mercy Corps) and we will send you a strand of Cranes or Swans.  Thank you for helping us make a difference.

Mystery Bay Relief Fund

The Community School of West Seattle

9450 22nd Ave SW

Seattle, WA  98106

If you comment back to us right away we’ll get your birds ready to fly.  We can’t seem to keep stock in but we’re busy folding.

(Photos by Cosmo of the K-2 Class)