I love blocks.  They are part of the core of my classroom.  So many different things are done with them in so many different educational and fun ways.  The kids love them and look forward to usuing them every afternoon.  So they build and build and knock them down and create and design and knock them down.  And argue.  Blocks are  so much about negotiation, turn taking and compromise andthe building blocks of a good elementary school classroom. 

But, sometimes I get burnt out.  And I want to offer an alternative from large motor movement, large blocks that tend to make lots of noise and intinsity.  So, to the classes dismay, I put a table in the block area with table top blocks.

And this is what happened:

The beginnings of a city.

Working on Broadway.

Working on Stonehenge and the Empire State Building.

The Golden Gate Bridge.


The Great Wall of China.

The Space Needle.

The Grand Canyon.


Taj Mahal.

The Twin Towers.

The Airport.

The City by Jake and Tim.