At one of our staff meeting a while back, Sarah asked us to write on a smooth rock what we thought we represented in our classrooms and then we joined them all together.  I wrote BRAVERY.  And I guess I was right.

Here’s a post about our posts on another blog. It is about our Spider Inquiry, turned Project, that happened earlier this year.

“And I Thought I Was Brave…

I have never had a qualm about having insects in the classroom. I’ve grown up catching tarantulas in my yard, after all. But I ran into these posts (second post here) about a class learning about spiders, and I realized how much I had limited my class’ learning about the same thing! Wow, I have a lot of respect for this teacher and how she taught her students. Notice how the feeding of their turtle turned into a whole new exciting learning experience! I am so loving this research! There is no limit to where the class will take you and the things that you will learn!”

From the blog Delightful Pandemonium.

Pretty cool. We’ll take BRAVE any day!