…that play is mandatory for learning and becoming a well-rounded, contributing member of our community and society. Maybe people will finally believe us if it’s on CNN.

Want to get your kids into college? Let them play!

  • Erika and Nicholas Christakis says they see students at Harvard who have trouble getting along.
  • They say kids better equipped to learn, interact, if taught using play-based curricula.
  • “Drill and kill” skill-based learning, requires more social isolation, they say.
  • Writers: Play-based learning builds empathy, better self-control, and problem solving skill.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be backed up here but I can’t help but feel a bit ignored, jilted and judged by so many folks that have been wooed by how great this school’s test scores are or how quiet those kids are. How much proof do we need to help our kids get out of the mire of rigidity that is alight in the current educational system.

We’ve spent countless hours backing up our ideals and fighting to keep going in the direction we know is best. Because we really should know by now what John Dewey knew over 100 years ago, that “Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.”

So this year, let’s play the days away!  Without fear.  Oh, and spread the word…  Play is actually a GOOD four letter word.

Happy New Year!!!