I thought I had written the story of “The Autumn Song” before but now I can’t seem to find it and if I’m repeating myself, just know that my days are very busy.

The only place I have ever heard this song was from my grandma, (Nana), Lorene Taylor. She sang it to me all the time. The other night as I was singing it to my daughter, Autumn, I thought again about how fun it is to teach to my class every year and the next morning I sang it to them. They gathered so close to listen and then we practiced every day at circle, we sang it at Daystar and now they sing it everywhere.

Today during snack, Maddox just busts out with the beginning lines and the entire class stopped eating and sang, all together and so beautifully. So, another generation gets to share in my past and my beloved Nana and her song. Funny how my daughter’s name is Autumn. Hmmm.