This is our fifth year visiting Daystar Retirement Village.  It is such a treat to see the new kids mingle and get comfortable here.  This group is no exception.  All the kids were excited and talkative and sweet with the seniors.  I LOVE that we do this.  When I first thought about having this be a part of the program, I had no idea that it would take on a complete life of it’s own.  So many relationships have been built and cherished.  In the photo below is Orpah and she has been at Daystar the entire time we’ve been visiting.  As we were walking in today, Iris and Vega said, “I hope Orpah is here” and there she was and she heard them and her smile was so big.  I told her that Vega was good friends with Brigit and Orpah asked it Vega would say hi to her.  Orpah and Brigit had a very special connection and Brigit graduated two years ago.  We go bi-weekly and everyone loves to go.

Orpah and Vega.

Tim with Bill, the Chess Master.

Izzy and Orpah meet for the first time.

A brand new resident, the son of a famous artist and a beautiful accordion player and a huge hit with the kids. Here is a short video of Holden talking about the paper airplane he made and how it would fly better with some wind and how him and his dad tried to fly a kite the night before.  Super sweet.  Holden was a natural with the Seniors.

Jake makes a bead sculpture and gives it away.

The kids drew pictures, mostly of pumpkins and rainbows, then made some bead projects including jewelry and then they sang “The Autumn Song” to them.  We’ve been practicing this song and we practiced all the way on our walk to Daystar.

Love, love, love.