Beck brought in a book which included an experiment on bacteria.  He was so excited that we got right to work making the gel to grow the bacteria. 

After the gel cooled, Vega was intrigued and wanted to be the one to choose and collect the samples.  The first one was her tongue.  She took a piece of tape and stuck it to her tongue three times and then stuck it to the gel three times.  She then repeated this process with new tape on the classroom door knob and on our classroom toilet seat. 

When we were guessing what might happen.  Everyone thought the toilet seat would grow the most bacteria and then the tongue but lo and behold our door knob was packing the most bacteria of the three samples.  Funny enough we have a pretty stinkin’ clean toilet seat since it grew the least bacteria of the three.  This was a great lesson in hand washing especially when thinking about washing vs. not washing before snack or lunch – EWWWW…