On our last trip to Daystar Retirement Village, the activities director, who knew we all play chess at school, got us a giant chess board.  I split the class in two and each team had a captain.  Isaac was the captain for the black team and Rohan was the captain for the white team.  This quickly became serious business.  Everyone helped and was biting their nails and really thinking about the next move.  At one point, Asher got our chess strategy book. 

Little did we know that Bill Crooks, a chess master, who just moved to Daystar, was watching the entire game.  He challenged the captains to a game.  So, we got out our small chess set that I had brought and Isaac and Rohan played Bill as the entire class watched in pure silence, for about 45 minutes.  It was amazing to watch.  And they certainly held their own and Bill gave them some pointers on how to behave during a chess game.  Brilliant! 

It was so intense.  Everyone in the room, kids and seniors alike,  were watching every single move. 

Isaac and Rohan were so gentlemanly and shook his hand afterward. 

It felt like we were experiencing something way beyond our years that day.  An incredible sight to be seen.  I was so proud.