Gosh, I’ve been such a good Living Classroom blogger for so many years now and then the bottom seemed to fall out of my life and my blogging inspiration went with it.  Many times during my life as a teacher I have had children with Autism in my classroom and off and on I would think, hmmm, they share so many similarities with my child. 

Every once in a while these thoughts would pop up with certain behaviors and how hard it has been for Autumn to just get through the day sometimes.  And then her new school had a meeting with us and said, “we think something is going on with Autumn and we think she needs to see a neurologist”. 

I knew it and I wanted it to not be true so badly that my entire being ached from every single cell.  So we had her tested and yes, she’s on the spectrum.  And yes I’m devastated and yes she’s still the same sweet, wonderful, challenging, beautiful, smart girl that she was before her diagnosis. 

I’m not so sure I’m the same person or mom or teacher but I guess that can be a good thing.  It means I’m learning and growing and processing and opening up to new things.  It’s not always an easy thing to do but I’m doing it one day at a time.  So be patient.  The information and the blogging inspiration will come back. 

Unfortunately teacher’s are people too and have problems and crises and children of their own.  I just wanted to put it out into the world, in case you’re wondering.  I have to say this entire experience has really helped me be present in the moment more, with my child and with my kids in the classroom. 

I feel like I’m even more aware of just sitting with them working out a problem, reading to them, helping them each at their own level of ability, understanding and emotional space.   Walk with me, we’ll find the way through, even if it is a bit slower now and again.  More soon lovelies…

Always with love and compassion,

Michelle & Autumn