During our last trip to Daystar, we were surprised with the fact that it was Russ’ 80th birthday.  We had brought all kinds of craft materials to make valentines but it ended up being a 80th birthday craft making extravaganza.  Russ thought it was all planned for him.  We have known Russ for all of the four years we have been going to Daystar. 

He is our regular.  He use to have a special love for Harriette and he still can’t get over Asher’s little sister’s red hair when she came with us once for a dance performance – he brings it up every time we visit.  He’s such a special friend to all of us.  We always look forward to his cheer and singing along and his sense of humor. 

As we were leaving Amalie plopped in his lap, on top of all of his cards and smothered him in hugs and kisses, saying, “one day I’m going to come back and spend an entire hour just giving you kisses.”  What love we have for our friends at Daystar.  Happy 80th Birthday Russ.   We love you so much.  See you in a couple of weeks.