Iris and Kailee Read Together

A Learning Story by Iris, Kailee and Michelle

During independent reading time I was reading with each individual child one at a time.  For everyone else, I had them pair up and read to each other.  For two of the kindergartener’s, Iris and Kailee, I gave them a copy of Hop on Pop to read together.  They are both able to sound out words and are beginning to site read if they are given a somewhat familiar book with fair words.  They decided to go to the tables to read instead of reading at the circle area where everyone else was.  I was just across the carpet in the chair with another child but I was still able to listen in to their conversation.  They opened the book and Kailee began to sound out the words, reading the book fairly easily to Iris.  When Kailee got to the word “three” she struggled and Iris took the book and read the word for her and then continued to read to Kailee, also fairly easily.  Then Iris came to the name “Mr. Brown.”  They both went back and forth about how to sound out “Brown” and neither could quite get it.  They were both trying back and forth for quite a while, almost getting it and then Kailee said, “Look he’s wearing brown, IT’S BROWN!  WE FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHAT THAT WORD WAS!”  Kailee was beaming at Iris and Iris was beaming at Kailee.  They were giddy and silly and their pride shown out to the entire classroom.

What it means

Iris and Kailee you are building the ability to work independently and cooperatively.  You stuck with the book I gave to you and worked diligently to sound out the words, use the pictures to help you make meaning of the words and helped each other when you felt stuck and needed assistance.  You are both learning to read and understand written language.  You inspired others around you by working for a long time to figure out the word “Brown” and your perseverance paid off with the pride you felt from being able to read all the words in the book.

Opportunities and Possibilities

I will continue to give Iris and Kailee space when reading.  They are a good match developmentally and they truly enjoyed working together to read the book I gave to them.  Knowing where they are in their reading journey, Hop on Pop was the perfect book to break into independent reading for both of them.  By not rushing over to “help” them sound the words out, they gained confidence and pride in their own abilities.  This was a good reminder for me to stay back and let the kids work it out, make mistakes and overcome obstacles on their own.