When I first fished Tuck out of a lake while fishing with my dad over a year ago, I had NO idea what an important part of the classroom he would become.  I brought him home and decided to take him in to show the kids and they LOVED him and so did we.  Paul and I use to joke that he was our baby.  He is hand fed and it literally seems like he’s saying “Mama” when I walk over to him and he sticks his head out of the water, clamoring for me to hand feed him worms.  This turtle is totally spoiled.


The first week we had him, he somehow escaped but was quickly found across the way in the Orcas Island classroom.  Then this past week, on the second day of school, I couldn’t find him anywhere in his brand new happening  habitat.  I couldn’t believe he was gone.  I looked EVERYWHERE.  And I cried and cried and cried.  A couple of days passed and I was sure he was dried up somewhere in a corner.  Then, Amy from Orcas, came running toward me during lunch, gasping and clasping a glue spider trap.  She yelled, “Michelle, Finn found Tuck.”  I said, “Put him in the water.”  And we submerged him in his tank.  He was so stuck to the spider trap, that his feet and head were glued down.  But slowly he started to come off.  I’m not a screamer and I totally screamed.   I was so happy to have him home.  It felt so much like a miracle.   He had been eating the spiders before his head got stuck.  I’m thinking that is what kept him going for a while.  Thank you Finn for checking out the spider traps.  And Paul, our baby is home, safe and sound.   Don’t do that again Tuck or you are grounded!