So I took a break, a deep breath, a vacation, some time to reflect, to play at the beach with just my child for a time, reading books, listening to music, seeing friends, seeing movies, gardening, and just being a mom.

AND figuring out how to say goodbye to my good friend, partner in crime,  and co-guardian of our eighteen children.  This has been one of the hardest goodbyes I’ve ever had to endure.  We’ve been such the perfect team.  But I know one cannot be an assistant forever and that we all need to fly eventually.  I’m just NO good at goodbye and there are so many to be had this year.  Too many for all the spaces they hold in my heart.


So, here’s to the first goodbye of the year.  Paul we love you so.  And, we’ll see you soon…


And welcome back Renee.  You know we love you too.