I have a little catching up to do.  Some beautiful, incredible stories happened before I left…

One of these stories happened at Daystar.  We arrived as usual with our crafts and songs and stories.  But as we walked in, there was a crowd of seniors surrounding the piano.  There were guest musicians playing the Ukulele and the piano.


We sat down as they played.  Gayle, the coordinator I work with, came up and told us this was a special tribute for Dottie who was in the late stages of cancer.  They were taking her requests and then the piano player asked us what we wanted to hear.  I asked if he knew, “Bicycle Built for Two” and he did, so he played as our class stood up and sang.  As they sat down, Dottie, in her delirium, busted out with another verse of the song (a little on the dirty side) which was kind of funny and sweet.



Georgia got an extra special “Georgia On My Mind” serenade.


He then asked if any of the kids played an instrument and Jackson said, “I play the piano.”  I looked at him like “what are you talking about.”  He then proceeded to walk to the front of the room, sit down and play the most beautiful piece of music in all seriousness.  We were all stunned.  It was incredible.  The gifts of music and love in the room that day was palpable.


Then Oliver came in late with baby Ben and we walked the baby around so everyone could touch his little head.  There was so much beauty in the room that day.  It was one of the moments you can just reach out and touch.  The kind of day that you know, while you’re living it, that it will replay in your memory and the memory of everyone else, for always.


Then Charlie’s parents met us in the park with watermelon.  It was so nice to sit back and reflect on that day, in the sun, appreciating all that we have and how lucky we are to be a part of our larger community and to be able to witness, first hand, all that life has to offer.