We frequently practice guerilla art around our neighborhood – we make chalk prints, we hang our drawings and we give telephone poles and rocks eyes, nose and a mouth. We have also created structures in parks and on the beach.




We also try to take care of our neighborhood and we take trash bags out on a regular basis to try and keep our neighborhood cleaned up – wow, is that a chore in our neck of the woods.

So, we thought for earth day we would put the two together and try to do a little guerilla gardening. In preparation we made seed bombs.


Paul, Tricia and I broke out some fresh seedling soil, dug up some clay from the hillside, sprinkled seeds and made dozens of seed bombs for tossing into unsuspecting park and rides, empty lots, and abandoned houses.




We also plan to work on the flower beds around the school – pulling weeds and planting wild flowers.

Our classroom garden is also coming along. We are building, beautifying and growing starts. We planted our peas and some nasturtium a couple of weeks ago. The peas are poking up here and there.



We are also growing Shitaki and Lion’s Mane mushrooms in the classroom.


We are planning to visit Village Green Nursery just up the way, to get the bulk of our starts but we also would love any donations of starts from our families. Last year we fed our entire class and their families from our garden during our formal dinner party. We hope to be able to pull this off once again.

Watch out for joyous, blooming, friendly bombs tomorrow as our sharp shooters scour the neighborhood and send a little living love shout-out on earth day.