I’m sorry.  I haven’t been as attentive to journaling this journey as I normally am.  I’ve literally been sick for two months.  Not sure what is up, just got behind on one cold and the next came after me and then another.  I’ll find my way out eventually.  Soon the fog of snot and hacking with lift and the sun will shine and we’ll be off to more energizing adventures in class and within these pages.

I’ve also been ruminating on the evolution of our classroom.  How we’ve come form there to here.  How our families, or world has changed.  How many of our new families may not know about all of those wonderful pieces that made up the beginnings of this classroom and the beginnings of the teacher who learns along with the kids each day.

The other day, a current preschool parent/prospective Mystery Bay Classroom parent, stopped outside the classroom to read an article I had written for publication just as I was starting the K-2 program.  She stood and stood and read and read as I cleaned up after class.  She then came over and hugged me and said, “Michelle, that is beautiful, it just made my day better.”  And you know what, it is beautiful.  It is all about the building blocks of this very classroom.  How we came to be, what we truly believe, how we try to learn and grow each and every day.

So, if you are new, or sort of new, may be new next year or just never got the chance to read through our first days as well as my first days, I’m re-posting the article.  Maybe it will answer some questions you may have, maybe it will bring up some questions that you are more than encouraged to ask and maybe it will make your day better.

“We Make the Road by Walking”:  A Lifelong Journey – Buiding a K-2 Learning Environment by Michelle Taylor

Peace, Love and Chicken Soup.