Since we don’t have cable at school, today we all met at Amalie’s house to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama.


We’ve been talking about this election for months.  We even wrote letters to President Obama and received a personal reply from Jim McDermott.


We have all been so excited for this event.  Amalie was our gracious host and the kids took the entire event so seriously. (Also, thank you Matt & Elise for having us.)


Every few minutes they kept asking, “Is he president yet, is he president yet?”  I assured them that they would know when it finally happened.


And when it did, there was cheering and clapping, but mostly they listened and soaked in this historic event.


It was a wonderful morning, filled with history, music, poetry, hope, faith and big words.


We continued to cheer on our new president throughout the entire inauguration celebration, hanging on his every eloquent word.


Until we were able to finally say Barack Obama is president of the United States of America.  And no matter your political affiliation, there is no denying the historical significance of this day.  And it was  a thrill to spend it with this group of young, open beings.  Our future!  A future that at such a young age sees this election as just any other election.  To a new way of being in this country and in this world.  We welcome you President Barack Obama.