To all those teacher’s out there who emailed me about my last post “Balance and Trust”, THANK YOU!  It’s nice to know that so many teachers are reading this blog, it makes me feel like we are connected in another way, even if we are thousands of miles apart.

So many of you said that balance is the key, that trust is a must.  That you could totally relate.  For those of you wondering why I wrote the post, I didn’t have an agenda.  I just wanted to put out there my own struggles as a part of the community in my classroom and in my school – not everything is always ponies and rainbows.  I realize, although this is a place for parents to have a window into their child’s day, it is also a place for educators to get ideas and connect.

I love teaching.  I love hearing from all of you.  It’s hard.  The responsibilities are great.  Sometimes overwhelming.  But we keep getting up and going in with all of our hearts, juggling, balancing, literally praying to that earth goddess that we get it right.

To another day…