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It’s like walking around with a board on my head with opposing subjects/interests/needs/possibilities/obligations/questions on the ends of the board.

I just want to say that it takes a village, a community of committed parents and teachers to meet the needs of everyone.  When I go home at night, I take all of these thoughts with me.  Did I fit it all in today?  Did I finally get through today?  Will I get through tomorrow?  Does this kid need something that I cannot give them? I always have a plan, a plan that includes all of the above.  This plan changes moment by moment to account for all of the needs/moods/wants of the kids/parents/teachers.

Like all things, this classroom, this group of kids is constantly evolving.  New things come in, new things go out, ideas change, schedules change, kids have different needs, a storm brews, and our attention is turned to negotiation and friendship.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about trust.  Trust that my mind is always on the class, the kids,  and in learning in the most organic and fun way.  Are we focusing enough on all the “right” things?  Are we driving too hard, are we being too lax?  There are no answers to these questions.  There is no prescription because there are no two classrooms the same; no two kids the same.

As I have said before, take school home with you.  Make learning a part of home as well.  Read stories, write letters, count money for the store, and check the clock for dinner time and bed time.  Explore.  Care take. Love.

Trust.  We are learning everyday.

(I’m extending my vacation one more day.  I’ll see everyone on Tuesday.)