Dear Girls and Boys:

I will be in Washington, DC in November to lobby congress. To lobby means to meet with Senator Patty Murray, Senator      Cantwell, and Representative Jim McDermott. I have met with these people or their aids in the past when I went to DC. It’s fun to think of going back because I know where their offices are, and if I’m lucky, I’ll get to meet these people (I’ve met them all in the past). One never knows, because they are so busy. One year Patty Murray made a special trip from the floor of the Senate where an important vote was coming to meet with me. We could watch the Senate from the TV in her office. Other times I’ve met with these people’s aids.

I’ll be going with the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) a Quaker lobbying group. The focus on our lobbying efforts will be Iran, building relationship with Iran, talking with the Iranian government, not going to war. Since I was just in Iran, this will be especially interesting for me.

I would like to take letters from you children to give to Washington state’s two senators and Representative McDermott. I will take pictures of their office, their receiving your letters, and also of Washington DC so you can see scenes from our country’s capitol. I have learned in my past visits that it’s possible to meet the people who do the work of national government for us, to tell them what I and the group I’m representing think are important issues and things to do. I’ve learned they’re people just like you and me, except we are all grown up and you are still growing. But, before you know it, you will be 18 and expected as a young adult to participate in making this country work. I’ve also learned, there will always be work to do to make things better in our country, and that as citizens, voters, and people living here, we not only can talk to our government, but we need to participate ourselves in making this country work better and better.

It may be a lot to write three letters, one for each senator and representative, so maybe you want to write a class letter. Another possibility would be for me to divide the letters into 3 groups and give some to each person. Or, you may figure out an even better way. Pictures will work too. Although I will be talking mainly about Iran, you are free to let these people who represent us know what is important to you.

I’ll visit your class before I go, and when I get back. It would be very nice if I could take along a nice sized picture of your class to give to each of these people.

I look forward to hearing what your concerns are, and what questions you have about DC that could bring back the answers for.


Travelin’ Grandma, Diane

We finally got around to writing our letters the day after the election, thus the focus on Barack Obama…

And just so everyone knows, we spoke equally about both candidates in the classroom.

Dear Barack Obama,

I wish you would stop the war.  I wish there was better schools and health care.  I’m glad you were elected president of the United States.



Dear Barack Obama,

I hope there is health care for everyone.


Dear Barack Obama,

I would like better public schools.

Love, Amalie

Dear Barack Obama,

Please give the homeless people a house because they don’t have any houses.  I am glad you are president.

From, Isabel

Dear Barack Obama,

I would like to stop the war.  And I would like better health care.


Dear George Bush,

I hear it is very nice there George Bush.  But I do not want to be there.  It is still nice.  George Bush I think it is good to be at that state.


Dear Barack Obama,

We are glad you are being president.  My family voted for you.


Dear Barack Obama,

I hope you have a good time being president.  I hope you are going to be a good president.  I’m glad you are president.


Dear Barack Obama,

Please more health care for the animals.  I am glad you were elected president.


Dear Barack Obama,

I would like you to lower gas prices.  I am glad that you were elected president.


Dear Barack Obama,

I would like there to be less war.


Dear Barack Obama,

Please stop the war.  Please provide more health care.  I hope you are a good president.  Yes we can.


And the letters are off!