So, sometimes, more often than we’d like, kids don’t eat ALL or even a major portion of their lunch. So we harp. Today as we kept on Charlie to eat more, I had to document just what it is really like, getting kids to eat at school. I thought I was going to die laughing during this shoot. He make look like he’s in serious pain but he’s totally hamming it up for me.

Veggies first – just like a normal kid! Yummy tomatoes.

So you wanna see me eat, Michelle, here goes nothin’ – fruit next.

Apples down!

You’re seriously going to make me eat the sandwhich aren’t you? He had some chicken in their too, must have been behind the apples.

I ate part of it, is that good enough. Look, my stomach is about to bust.

Nope Charlie, keep eating or your mom and dad are going to put me in the naughty chair (kidding of course.)

Alright, if I have to.

Look, I did it.

All full up Michelle. Now leave me alone already!

And we have 19 of these buggers to coax into eating.

Take note of Charlie’s lunch. Tomatoes, Apples, Chicken and a sandwich with what I’m going to guess is whole grain bread and almond butter. We love lunches that look like this. We are really trying to stay away from the processed, high fructose corn syrup/preservative/artificial flavor/artificial coloring foods such as Gogurts (which seem to be really popular) as well as many other lunch items. These ingredients don’t help with concentration and focus, they typically send the kids into a direct whirlwind. So, if it’s possible (I know we’re all really busy), check those ingredients and lets challenge ourselves and our kids to eat healthy, nutritious foods, even if we do have to stand on our heads to get them to eat. Believe me, I’ll gladly do cartwheels in exchange for nutritious food. Because not only do I love seeing kids eat healthy, but I can also pack more information into their growing brains when they aren’t doing handsprings out the back door.

Love and brussel sprouts,