The other day at lunch the kids were talking about their families and who lives in their house.  Then someone started talking about their birth and it caught fire.

My favorites:

Jacob: (as if he could really remember) “There was a bright light and I was scared of the men when they took me out of my mommies tummy.  Then they laid me on the table and I was scared because there were no toys.”

Asher: “I was there when my sister’s were born – one was upstairs in our house in the pool and one was downstairs in our house in the pool.

Oliver: “I came out of my mommies bum but I dodged all the poop.  And then I couldn’t catch my breath but they wrapped me up and then I could breathe better.”

Zavier: “I thought you came out of your mom’s tummy.  Michelle, that is just gross.”