We have started introducing some fun family activities for home.  These are available weekly and can be found next to the sign in sheet.  I’ve suggested that one “Read with your family” sheet be done weekly.  There will also be different math activities available each week.

The tigers (2nd graders) have their own spelling homework.  Each week we have a list of words that we work on together as a group.  I give them the words aloud, we spell them together, they write them and we put them in a sentence.  I then send them home to be reviewed in the same way.  Retention is typically gained through writing the words.  We then have a spelling test later in the week.  We have been working in the back room for forty-five minutes a day.  During this time I’ve told them that this is for them.  For them to learn the words for themselves.  That it’s not for me, or for their families or for their friends but for them so that they have a bank of words to reference when reading and writing.  They have been truly excited and so devoted to working on the words.  Please work on these words with your kids each week.  I want them to feel prepared and ready to move on when they get the new list for the next week.