This is our third year going to Daystar.  There are two seniors whom we have visited the entire time but many have come and gone for varies reasons.  Having this bi-weekly visit is one of my favorite parts of our class.  I met some of the seniors when they came to see a play at the school and when I started this class, I knew that I wanted to make a permanent connection, build relationships and feel at ease around people who are much older than us, who may be in wheelchairs and who need us just as we need them.

This trip was a first for a few of our new students but it felt just like old times.

We made cards for everyone and chatted a bit.

(Deloris LOVES the kids so much.)

(Russ is a favorite, we’ve known him for as long as we’ve been visiting.)

Brigit and Harriette sang a few songs.  When they sang “Daisy, daisy” a couple of the seniors sang along, so we sang it again.

Amalie read a story she had written in class.

Alex told a story.

Sam told a story.

And Zavier (for the first time) told a short story.

Then Brigit read How Dog Began (Jackson is the official word helper).

It was nice to be back.  They had missed us so much while we were on break that they called the school to find out when we would be back.  When we are in school we consistantly, rain or shine, visit the first and third Thursday’s of the month.

Then we head over to Castle Park to run our little legs off.

(This trio has been magical since the beginning of the school year.)

(Zen master.)

Oh, how beautiful are these kids in this world of ours.